Jams Markovics
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Brain map and functional assessment

In this 1.5 hour appointment, we will gather data for brain map and functional assessment using QEEG and ERP analyses.

Free 30-min Virtual Consultation

Free 30-min virtual consultation to discuss our services, your needs, and any practical concerns so we can both decide if we're a good fit.

Intake Neurofeedback Session

This is a 1.5 hour intake session of neurofeedback where the client is given informal and formal assessments, ending with 10-20 min of an initial session of neurofeedback.

Neurobehavioral Therapy Session

This is a 55-min neuro-behavioral therapy sessions to address specific behavioral concerns using both applied behavioral analysis [ABA]-based as well as neurocounseling interventions. This therapy is typically for children.


This is a 55-min appointment for neurocounseling, a new field of counseling that focuses on brain health and function to improve mental and cognitive health.

Regular Neurofeedback Session

This is a 1-hour, regular neurofeedback session where the client receives between 25-40 min of feedback time.