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Lets Talk!

We can’t wait to get to know you, hear your story, and help turn those big dreams of yours into tangible realities. This is a phone appointment. Thank You.

Long Meeting

Thanks for the trust! We enjoy getting to know you, lets talk more in depth about your needs.Thank You.

Consult Meeting

Thanks for trusting us with your needs ! At KOA Resources, YOUR business is OUR business. This meeting is 2 hours long and will occur via google meet. Please check your email for meeting link. Thank You

Immigration Consult Meeting

This is a paid meeting with a one time $375 fee and no refund. Please note $250 will go towards your service charge if you deceide to accept service after the initail meeting. This is to understand what the client needs are before assisting with an application. An invoice will be sent immediately after booking this appointment, payment must be made 1 business day before the appointment time. This meeting is 1 hour meeting via phone or google meet. Please check your email for the meeting link.

Notary Only!

This is a phone appointment. Please be prepare to share; what type of document do you wish to notorize?, when do you need service?, do you want in person or online notray?, what is your zip code? and do you have a valid ID? Thank You.