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Free Garage door Analysis

Complete FREE analysis of your garage door including all systems. ● Is your garage not going up or down? ● Door doing loud noises ● or simply don't know what is the reason. If you agree to our BEST pricing, we will preform the repair on-site!

New Garage Door Installation- Free Estimate

We running our ANNUAL GARAGE DOOR SALE. ● Hurricane Rated Doors ● FREE Quiet Door Kit ● Stop Molding ● Upgrade Silicon Rollers (instead of metals) ● $500 savings If you agree to our BEST pricing, 50% deposit is required.

Broken Springs

Broken Springs Replacement or Repair ● All our springs are Top-Of-the-line, Made in Canada ● 5 Years Warranty ● Free Balance & Lubrication ($120 Value) We have the BEST pricing in Broward , Repair / Replace on-site!

Garage door Opener

Replace / Repair Garage Door Opener. We have 3 new openers- and we sell those SAME prices as Home Deport. ● $235 - 3/4 Ultra Quiet belt opener with Wifi. 2 remotes and keypad. LIFETIME warranty on Belt and Motor ● $199 - 1/2 Ultra Quiet belt opener with Wifi. 1 remote - 5 years Warranty. ● $155 - 1/2 Chain opener $129 -1 remote - 3 Years Warranty. Install is a flat fee of $195 (instead of $245) You get Balance and lubrication ($120 value) for FREE. Its a preventative maintenance y