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Custom Computer Build

Is your older computer getting laggy? Looking for a new custom PC or a gaming PC? We can work with you to customize a computer to your specific needs during a free 30-minute consultation in-person, by phone or Zoom call to learn about what you are trying to achieve.

Computer Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot your current Laptop or Desktop and potentially resolve performance issues you may be experiencing. We can speed up an older computer to extend the life of your current hardware at a minimal cost.

Data Transfer, Recovery, and Backup

Do you have an older computer sitting in your closet that may house some of your most precious memories or old documents you would like to transfer over to a new Machine or external drive? Who’s Your Tech can recommend options to safeguard your precious data.

Network Panel Reorg

Most houses in the last 15-20 years may contain a Network Wall Panel that can go by many names such as an On-Q Panel or Network Distribution Panel. These panels are typically located in a closet or laundry room. We offer the ability to clean up the wiring in these panels and properly label each component for troubleshooting.

Networking and Wi-Fi

Do you have spotty wireless in your residence or small business? Or do you have a super-fast internet connection but it seems like your PC or wireless device is running at a snail’s pace? Do you have that one room in the house that just can’t get good reliable Wi-fi? Who’s Your Tech can evaluate your current internet speed and wireless coverage and ensure your wireless in the house and even outside is running at optimal speeds.

Service Consultation

Free 30-minute consultation in-person, by phone or Zoom call to learn about what you are trying to achieve.

Short-term Rental Tech Setup and Support

We provide full tech setup including security, smart home automation, TV mounting, streaming, and networking. Additionally, we provide technical services for guests during their stay.

Smart Home Security

Who’s Your Tech Specializes in the Ring Security Family of products that range from a front Doorbell Camera to outside Security Cameras that are wireless and can monitor any part of your house outside. We also offer options to allow you to add Solar to keep the cameras fully charged if no electrical outlet is available.

Smart Home Temperature

Do you have an old crusty Thermostat that you would love to modernize? Want to have the ability to change the temperature in the house by simply swiping on your smart phone or even have a smart assistant like Alexa or Google take care of it for you? Well look no further than Who’s your Tech to make that dream a reality.

Streaming Setup

Cut the cord and reduce your monthly cable bill while still enjoying your favorite shows or channels.

TV Mounting

Service to mount TV(s). If a mount is needed, we have a wide range of mounts including Fixed, Tilt, and Full-Motion. We can even hide those ugly cords within your wall with a certified In-Wall Kit to make the appearance look amazing. The mount and in-wall kit is paid for separately from the mounting service.

Technology Assessment

Do you have technology troubles that you can't quite figure out? Maybe you are simply looking for an expert to advise on how to handle a technology barrier and make life easier. Who’s Your Tech offers a Technology Assessment that can go through all of your questions and concerns that you may have and offer reliable solutions to solve any of your technology needs.

Virus and/or Malware Removal

Are pop-Up windows driving you crazy? Are you getting multiple virus alerts on your screen? Not able to use the internet right? Not even sure if you have a good reliable Anti-Virus? Who’s Your Tech can do a full System audit of your current setup and advise you on options for you to get your system running healthy.

Software Installation

Have a new shiny piece of software that you are not sure how to install and set it up? Who’s Your Tech can assist with the installation and walk you through all the necessary steps to get it up and running the right way the first time.